We have been through a lot.

We have units of our production in every first SUV model of a premium german brands installed in America. They can even be seen from the interior of a car.

We have also solved a two cavities injection mould, like no one else, for a plastic cage of a world bearing manufacturer along with serial production of parts. The project has been running successfully for almost two decades.

Even before, we were able to manufacture the straight main tube of a jet aircraft engine in machine factory. It was also a tough nut to crack.

We also managed a digital sensor for a swiss customer (directly) in sries production with the highest level of quality and at the same time with self-control of operators. We have also introduced several modern business systems – planning (individually for each employee), evaluating people´s performance, management with elements of self-management and leadership based on decency and mutual respect.

All those successes had a piece of effort, enthusiasm, ideas, technology, organization and management. Years later, we found out that technique and technology always went best for us. And the organization and management were weaker especially of the human type. And maybe, thesetimes it’s similar in some companies.

People create the wealth of the company.

Therefore, the main focus must be on people -to make them more capable and willing in order to be interested not only in fulfilling the assigned tasks, but also in coming up with new ideas, looking for new solutions, introducing changes.