Story from practice

Natalie came to work with us. She surprised us already during the job interview when she showed a dazzling performance on a machine on which we tested her manual skills. And she surprises us to this day as she keeps […]

Is it really possible to improve easily and quickly?

Yes. And now it comes the annoying but: but a few principles must be followed.  Improvement is actually a desired change. Improvement is a complex system, so it is necessary to proceed systematically: thoughtfully – planned – organized – regularly.   Improvement […]

It is easy to say: improve. But how?

Imagine, purely in theory, that there is someone so cheeky as to say: To increase performance with less effort, do the following: Clarify and harmonize the interests of the owner, management and people. Develop or optimize your business strategy and […]

What is systematic improvement good for?

POSSIBLY FOR NOTHING. AND MAYBE FOR EVERYTHING.  IT DEPENDS WHAT IT IS ABOUT. There are two opposing views. ONE SAYS THAT IMPROVEMENT IS NOT NEEDED. The company has been working quite well for years, growing and making a profit. And […]