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FPFA ® (Fully People-Focused Approach) - we have created our unique, proven system with a completely people-focused approach for effective improvement of companies and people. we offer you the following services

First consultation

The first free interview about the offered FPFA system ® - proposed methods, projects, course and effectiveness of possible cooperation.

Offer of services

Development of a "tailor-made" framework offer especially for your company. IMPROVING IN GOOD AND BAD TIMES.

Beginning of cooperation

According to a mutual agreement on the scope of work, consultation, coaching and working-out of documentation for the SYSTEM OF CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.

Strategy optimization

Cooperation in improving the strategy (in good and bad times) and its implementation in company practice.

Performance measurement

Coaching and cooperation in streamlining the system of planning and measuring people's performance. Working-out of documentation.

Performance evaluation

Consulting and cooperation in the creation and implementation of an improved people evaluation system. Working-out of documentation.


Consulting and project management in the creation and implementation of an improved system of standardization of company activities. Working-out of documentation.

Continuous Improvement System (CIS)

Project management in the creation and implementation of the CIS system. Working-out of documentation. Detailed information about CIS can be found in the METHODS AND PROJECTS section.

Improved organizational structure

Coaching and consulting in streamlining the organizational structure in accordance with the established new systems. Working-out of documentation. Detailed information can be found in the PROJECTS section.

Personal development and organizational learning

Consulting, coaching and cooperation in creating plans for personal development of people and their implementation in practice. Trainings and workshops for the organizational learning system. Personal coaching as needed. For our clients we provide literature from our library with more than 700 titles.

Other services

Advice, consultations and training based on personal experience:
- leadership, management and motivation
- finding reliable suppliers
- how to do foreign trade
- how to start a company abroad
- how to sell a company.

About us

We offer 28 years of experience together with the most modern methods and youthful enthusiasm. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of all work activities in parallel with daily performance is today the only way to long-term prosperity. The most effective method is the implementation of business systems that people understand and can use in practice. EVERY COMPANY IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE PEOPLE IT HAS. We value entrepreneurs, leaders and everyone who makes things better. We would be happy to work with you to solve your tasks. Alexander Suja

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Introductory interviews


  • The first consultation about the offered FPFA system - proposed methods, the course and effectiveness of any cooperation is free of charge. The purpose is to discuss in more detail the content and conditions of possible cooperation.



  • FROM THE IMPROVEMENT OF SPECIFIC PROJECTS - we offer as one of the forms of reward for our work - AFTER THEIR IMPLEMENTATION. We follow the main principle - FIRST RESULTS THEN MONEY.

Individual work


  • may be another form of reword for work of a smaller range, for example - as a one-time payment for a complete work, respectively for smaller project - or payment for work at an agreed time.

Werner Beneken, HDO Germany: "I've known Alexander for more than 10 years, he knows what he's saying. Focusing on improving people is a good choice in any case. "

"The FPFA system is a good tool for improving the company's strategy as well as increasing the performance of people in the field of mold design, simulation of the die-casting process of metals and for additive technologies."

"It is a large and comprehensive system of improvement, primarily focused on people's interests and their development."

"It is a good system of improvement for the company producing precise and complex components for machinery."