I had a company bud I do not own it anymore. I improved it over the years so much that it was entirely bought by the Swiss.

Before that we had a company with 200 people working there. It was bought by distinguished Czech company. Both of them are still open to this day.

During last years I mainly devoted my time to consulting for new Swiss owner of the company. My main role was leading the company and starting up brand new products.

Improve everything that is made in the company.

It is possible, it is shown by our experiences, which we want to share.

In our opinion, the time has come for a fundamental change. Seek solutions to problems through better care for people, in the area of their systematic development with a focus on creativity, professional skills, willingness and teamwork.

We think it is necessary to put people on 1st place. In front of machines, buildings, property, trade, processes, in front of turnover, profit, indicators, money, before everything. And in everything that happens, to see the man first. In accordance with the principles:

First people then the machines and everything.

Support improving people and they will improve everything needed.

We have summarized our knowledge and experience into the original FPFA (Fully People – Focused Approach) system, with a fully people-centered approach.

We learn from the best and test on ourselves and our partners and co-workers what works and when. And we will be happy to share this knowledge and experience. We see our role in the practical support of your work teams and we are ready to participate effectively in solving your tasks. We will simply be availabe for those who are interested in systematic improvement.

Experts to experts.

We believe our procedures are efficient and beneficial. Therefore, we offer our clients to pay us a reward only after the implementation of the project as a share of the benefits achieved. In accordance with the principle:

First results, then money.

Surely you know this from practice, what is postponed, will be realized only after a very long time or not at all. Therefore, please contact us immediately.