Even a small implemented project is much better than a large dream project.

Every company undergoes efforts and activities with the intention of improving what it is. The focus is still on improving machines and processes, technological processes, products and services. To improve various indicators of machine utilization, troubleshooting time, return on investment and other physical or financial indicators.

It’s all ok but people don´t have to be forgotten. And at the same time, everything was created in the company, everything was created by people.

Therefore, it is most important to focus on improving people. And more capable and willer people then can improve everything needed.

Otherwise, improvement is on the few people who are responsible for the growth and development of the company on their shoulders. Usually it is the owner with some members of the management and a few enthusiastic professionals. Of course, they are overloaded and many things still can’t be done.

The solution is to spread the development of the company to more people – involve them in improvement.

This needs to make better use of people´current skills and take care of their development. Our full FPFA® system – preferably focused on improving people can do it well.

The system of continuous improvement creates the core of the FPFA® system.

Delegation is an accompanying the FPFA® system solution.

The company works good to you, but it can better. Everything can be improved.

People carry a hidden wealth of knowledge and experience, because otherwise it would hardly be possible to produce products or provide services. However, the time is fast, customers are becoming more and more demanding and there is no time for debates with people. Everything needs to be done quickly and even faster, and managers are under pressure to look for shortcuts.

And so the treasures remain hidden in people.

People wear problems in themself, but often alsotheir solutions.

Many times they know much more than they provide. But when no one asks them, it probably doesn’t need it, more people think. Or they have been told a few times in the past to shut up and do what they are told to do.

The solution is to talk with people in different way. Supporting people at work, leading them to higher creativity, systematically educate them to understand business systems and to know how to use them at work. To make that people have given the best that hide in them.

Practically means taking a new approach to people:

Ask people for their opinion.

Consult with them. Involve people in coming up with new solutions.

Ask them to participate in the implementation of the improvement. Provide people with positive feedback.

Reward them for the benefits of improvement, including the agreed financial reward as a share of the actual benefits to the company.

These rewards, covered by real added value, will gradually become a significant part of people’s income in accordance with the fair principle:

Higher benefits for the company – higher revenues for people involved in continuous improvement.

No long-lasting training, no consultation on anything. Just a little more listening and attention to people. Gradually, step by step, the new approach is directly applied in practice.

And people will learn it. Just as they learned what they are doing now – at work. Simply ask a person more and say less about what to do. The principle is that when one invents something on his own, it is his idea and therefore he can certainly understand.

Ultimately, a lot of time is saved by unnecessarily re-explaining the task, eliminating misunderstandings and correcting mistakes.

The most important thing is clearly indicate to people that their opinion and their involvement in continuous improvement is desired.

People, by their very nature, want to communicate with other people. The less people boss talk to people, the more people talk to each other about what they find interesting.

Too bad for every lost opportunity for leaders and managers to get closer to people, to influence their opinions and gain their trust.

When the company is experiencing good times, projects for continuous improvement may be extensive and more oriented towards the future.

The selection of an improvement project for your company should be tailor-made. We consider it important to respect the current customs and used business systems so that new projects can be harmoniously connected to them.

If you are interested, we will be pleased to help you in selecting and implementing projects for continuous improvement.

The following four figures show examples for project selection.

You can choose e.g. OPTIMIZED CORPORATE STRATEGY and from this “epicenter” of the solution of continuous improvement to gradually continue with other topics.

For inspiration, we have prepared a sample company strategy for you in the following picture in the form of a mind map. Maybe it will serve you at least to assess areas that make sense to address strategically.

It may be more appropriate to start a project in your company to improve LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT.

If you have considered improving professional competencies or emotional intelligence (EQ) in your company, a project with such a topic may be selected. Especially the focus on emotional intelligence is strongly preferred today. The prevailing opinion is that the impact of EQ on the company’s success is significantly higher than IQ. Either way, every significant change made is related to the self-awareness and cultivation of human consciousness.

This picture shows a parallel solution of LEADERSHIP and professional competencies together with emotional intelligence (with two epicenters of the solution). Such option is useful in case you need to give priority to those areas and people are ready for it.

In a similar way, other combinations of topics can be selected for continuous improvement projects.

Another alternative is to create and implement a pilot project in one selected working team and then extend the solution to other teams or organizational units.

The greatest transparency is provided by one complex solution with a sequence of consecutive stages of the solution.

In the end, it is always important tuning FPFA® system components including the system of continuous improvement, which has a key status in it.

Our full original FPFA® system is new in that:

It is fully focused on improving people, who then improve everything necessary in the company.

The basis of systematic improvement of people is raising awareness through the development of self-awareness, self-regulation, relationship management and social awareness.

 It is holistic, monitoring the integrity of all FPFA® components and their balance, addressing practical business systems while taking into account issues of humanity, meaning and the wider context of improvement.

It is in line with the latest scientific knowledge we test on ourselves and our co-workers.

It is suitable for practical use in a corporate environment, whether in production or in the field of services.

Our new method of implementation fully respects the conditions of the company and the client’s requirements.

We will be happy to cooperate on solutions for you. Never mind if you have limited resolving capacities, or you are interested in outsideview by lookong for new impulses for the improvement.

We can talk about this and you can decide whether our approach to the system of continuous improvement is suitable for your company.

You may have already felt that it would be good to bring more systematicity into your company practice. However, the pressure of the operation strongly prevents this and so it happens that longer-term intentions are shifting. It can happen that over the years, a large pile of accumulated things is collected, which we move in front of us. And only when the pile is so big that it can’t be seen through it, we notice it.

And what to start changing for better? We will be pleased when you contact us and we can talk about it. Best right now.

Scientific discoveries and new technologies quickly applied to everyday life, causing increasing speed and complexity of the world. New expertise and new specializations are creating. No one can know everything. And trying to do a lot of everything can mean that nothing is done properly. You need to focus on what the company can do best and choose the core of its focus.

You know how to establish and start a company and manufacture products or provide services. And we know how the company can be improved systematically. Let our knowledge and experience to common working on a project of continuous improvement for your and our benefit.

One tie to see is better than hundred times to hear.

And talking about things is at least 10 times better than just reading.

So please contact us withou concern.