First consultation

The first free interview abou the offered FPFA® system – proposed methods, projects, course and effectiveness of possible cooperation.

Offer of services

Development of a “tailor-made” framework offer especially for your company. IMPROVING IN GOOD AND BAD TIMES.

Identification and reconciliation of interests

Coaching and mentoring in identifying and reconciling the interests of management and people.

Strategy optimization

Cooperation in improving the strategy (in good and bad times) and its implementation in company practice.

Performance measurement

Coaching and cooperation in streamlining the system of planning and measuring people´s performance. Working-out of documentation.

Performance evaluation

Consulting and cooperation in the creation and implementation of an improved people evaluation system. Working-out of documentation.


Consulting and project management in the creation and implementation of an improved system of standardization of company activities. Working-out of documentation.

Continuous Improvement System (CIS)

Project management in the creation and implementation of the CIS system. Working-out of documentation. Detailed information about CIS can be found in the METHODS AND PROJECTS section.

Improved organizational structure

Coaching and consulting in streamlining the organizational structure in accordance with the established new systems. Working-out of documentation. Detailed information can be found in the PROJECTS section.

Personal development and organizational learning

Consulting, coaching and cooperation in creating plans for personal development of people and their implementation in practice. Trainings and workshops for the organizational learning system. Personal coaching as needed. For our clients we provide literature from our library with more than 700 titles.

Other services

Advice, consultations and training based on personal experience:
– leadership, management and motivation
– finding reliable suppliers
– how to do foreign trade
– how to start a company abroad
– how to sell a company.

We propose solutions, discuss it together and you approve them for implementation.

We will be happy to participate in your tasks by supporting the work teams with practical experience.